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Peardeck is a site that you can use to make your slides more engaging and interactive in the classroom. You can add questions and check-ins during the presentation to see how students are doing and make it so they are not just sitting and listening.

Hemingway is an app that is meant to make your writing more clear and concise. Students of all ages can use it and it is very helpful when editing and revising a work before submission.


Hemingway (1)_edited.png



Jamboard makes collaboration in the classroom easy! I have used this in several college courses and it makes it so each individual can post a response to a specific question or complete a task for the whole class to see. This could be used to post discussion or clarifying questions in the classroom.

Canva is a fantastic site for teachers and students alike! It is amazing for creating graphics, posters, flyers, logos, and just about anything design related. It is super user friendly and is easy to master!





If you do not know what Kahoot is you have to try it out; Kahoot is a great way to make reviewing and learning content fun for students and is a great way to make studying fun in the classroom. This website makes it easy to create a non-graded quiz mini-game competition for materials taught in class.

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