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Academic Papers

The Black Experience in Higher Education: Desegregated but not Equal

This paper was written for my class WRH 301: Rhetorics of Black America. I researched the difficulties that Black individuals experience specifically when it comes to higher education and applying to colleges and universities.

Rhetorical Analysis of Malcom X's The Ballot or the Bullet

This paper was written for my class WRH 301: Rhetorics of Black America. It takes a closer look at Malcom X's speech titled The Bullet or the Ballot and analyzes it using Karenga's idea that African American rhetoric follows 4 main principles.

The Queering of Jane Austen in the 21st Century

This paper focuses on how societal beliefs change over time and how what was once deemed as taboo or not appropriate to discuss changes as well. Focusing on Jane Austen and her works, the goal of this paper is to discuss how Jane Austen has become an icon for the LQBTQ community and how some people believe that Jane Austen herself may be queer and why that is.

Analyzing Squid Games through the lens of Foucault and Nussbaum

For the class that I took on literary theory we had to write a synthesis essay comparing and contrasting two different literary theorists. I used Squid Games to show Nussbaum's and Foucault's differing ideologies. This essay reveals two different ways to view and interpret the Netflix classic.


Macbeth Podcast

This is a podcast describing the collaborative experience group members and I had while making a three-day lesson plan for Act II of Macbeth.

Macbeth Podcast!

Firekeeper's Daughter Critical Edition

For my young adult literature class, I had to create a critical edition of one of the books we read for class. Since critical editions are not typically made for young adult novels, we were given creative liberty on what we could include as long as it had the same components as a typical critical edition.

Literary Cartography Essay Reflection

For one of my classes that focused on the history surrounding well-known novels we did a project using Google tour that followed the major plot points of Jessie Fauset's Plum Bun and events from her life. I would love to do something like this with my classes in the future because I found it to be extremely beneficial for my knowledge on the novel and it was a great supplemental activity.

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